Welcome to my photography blog where I will share with you my photographic efforts and some of the stories behind these photos. I am keen amateur photographer and took up the hobby in September 2011. In November 2012 I self published a charity photographic book on Amazon "Beating Bowel Cancer", which contained my photographic efforts to raise money for the charity of the same name. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and photographic composition. I might not always get it right, but I have great fun trying...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wargrave at Sunset

I stopped off at The St George & Dragon pub in Wargrave on my home from work as after another day of rain the clouds had broken to reveal a gorgeous sunset. The location has long held a special place for me as it is where my parents had their wedding reception back in 1960. Although the weather remained awful the flood waters had receded somewhat and I was able to park my car in the car park and get down to lower parking area to get some photos, something I would not have been able to do a week or so earlier. In the first photo you can see how the Thames had burst its banks and spilled over into the neighbouring fields. I was pleased with the reflection of the sunset on the river. The second photo is a little more unusual and just a quirky unplanned picture that I thought might be fun. I had actually walked back to my car, but as I looked back on the scene I had just photographed the shining lamps were already casting artificial light onto the car park with the sunset providing a beautiful back drop so I thought I would take a photo and see how it came out. This photo won't win any prizes, but I like it and think it is at the very least interesting.