Welcome to my photography blog where I will share with you my photographic efforts and some of the stories behind these photos. I am keen amateur photographer and took up the hobby in September 2011. In November 2012 I self published a charity photographic book on Amazon "Beating Bowel Cancer", which contained my photographic efforts to raise money for the charity of the same name. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and photographic composition. I might not always get it right, but I have great fun trying...

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Now That's a Pond!

One can only dream of owning a house with a garden big enough to accommodate such a large and stunning pond. When I lived in Buckingham a few years ago I was proud of my pond with a couple of koi in it, but it as absolutely minute compared to this one. The setting is a few miles to the north of Kirkby Lonsdale in the heart of Cumbria where mum was visiting friends a year ago. There are two views of the pond with the first photo taken looking from the back of the house out towards the hills and countryside. I was pleased with this effort as I took care in the composition, and for me it has layers from the reeds at the front, followed by the pond and trees right to the hills at the very back. The second photo was taken from the other side of the pond looking back towards the beautiful house. There is never a shortage of photo opportunities in this part of England and on this particular late autumnal day we were blessed with a lovely sunny day. And yet driving up 48 hours earlier we had to divert off the motorway due to the snow!

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